Last week I thought I had COVID. I didn’t feel well and had symptoms similar to those of COVID, but after the quick test at home was negative for a few days, I was sent to the lab to make sure what it was. The results came back positive for mycoplasma.

I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t really sure what mycoplasma was, but I knew it a lot of people who had it. I just felt like I had a cold, tired and no energy, sore throat, sometimes a headache, congestion, and loss of appetite. It felt like a cold but mycoplasma is actually pneumonia. They call it walking pneumonia because it’s a mild form of pneumonia and usually doesn’t require bed rest or hospitalization.

I stayed home and rested while I was taking the medications prescribed by the doctor. I didn’t feel well enough to do much but I didn’t have to stay in bed or go to the hospital. I spent most of the week watching movies but by the end of the week I thought I could start doing some stuff around the house. I felt like I was out of breath, a little dizzy and got tired pretty quickly.

I fell pretty well already but I decided the responsible thing is to wear a mask in public for now, or at least until I’m sure I don’t have any symptoms. I don’t know when that’s going to be because mycoplasma is different for everyone.

I’m also not sure when I can start exercising again so I’m slowly starting to do the recovery video; I feel that’s enough for now.Hopefully next week I can keep doing the other videos.


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