I’m happy to say I found my new workout program very quickly; I only tried one two before deciding which one was right for me. I realized I liked the ChaLEAN Extreme program pretty quickly after I started it, even though I didn’t think I wanted to do resistance training, and I just finished my first week.

I felt the same way after I started PiYo, I didn’t think I would like a low impact program but I got hooked right away. It looks like the same thing is happening here and I like that I’m finding that I can do different types of workouts and don’t have to stick with the same thing. I mean, learning that after after everything I’ve been through I can do a high intensity program is awesome, but it’s also great knowing that I can do other things and that I don’t have to be afraid of or intimidated by resistance training.

This program has four different phases, one month each, I’m going to try to finish all of them.


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