Last night I got back from Boston, where I went for the last few days of my vacation, after being in New York City.

I enjoyed the drive to Boston because I got to rest from all the walking we did in the city. Our stay there was also a lot more relaxed and quiet because it was family time, but there was still some walking and sight seeing. We visited the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Winter Holiday Market and the Prudential Center (shopping mall). The museum was so big we didn’t have time to see all of it but I really liked dome of the ones we did see. My favorite one was Monet.

We also spent New Year’s Eve there. Because we were in a town outside the city, it was very quiet. I heard no fireworks, loud music, people celebrating, no parties or dogs barking. It was a little different than spending New Year’s Eve in Puerto Rico; it is never that quiet here on New Year’s Eve.

Now that I am home, I have to say I had a great time on my trip and the only thing I would have changed was spending some more time with my friends and taking a picture or two with them. I’m sad that my vacation is over, but I’m happy to be back home, happy to see my dogs, and I’m ready to go back to work tomorrow.

*I haven’t started working out or running yet because my knee still hurts.

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