The new year is only two and a half hours away and I don’t know what to expect from this new year but I do have two resolutions for 2023. The first one, writing more, has three parts:

1) Publish more blog posts- I wrote a lot less than other years in 2022 and I feel like that goes against what my blog is all about, being unstoppable, working hard and not letting anything stand in the way.

2) Continue working on my book- I have continued writing and organizing what I have already written but I don’t do it, but I still have not done all that I can.

3) Get my writing published in a magazine- That is almost done; I have two articles that will be published soon I’m a magazine but I still have to work hard to get more published and to maybe get mora responsibilities in the magazine.

My other resolution was inspired by my friends who I just saw in New York City when they asked me if I had run in Central Park. When I said no and they asked me why I was honest and said I haven’t been running lately. I really don’t know why I stopped running because I have running shoes, I have a treadmill and I have the time.

There is absolutely no reason why I can’t run. I’m not talking about running a marathon, just run and walk for 30 or 45 minutes like I used to. There is no reason why I can’t so as soon as I get back home and my legs don’t hurt so much from all the walking in New York, I will start running again.

I am going to do my best to keep those resolutions and I hope you can all keep yours if you have any. I wish everyone a very Happy New Year!


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