I thought my recent Christmas vacation had been everything I wanted, great weather, lots of sight seeing, spending time with family and friends and a lot of good memories. I didn’t know until a few days after I got back that I also got Covid on this trip.

I had been extremely careful and managed to avoid it for the last three years, but it finally caught up with me when I let my guard down. Maybe it was being around so many people in New York, cold weather, not wearing a mask or all three, I don’t really know. All I know is that Covid19 is still around and we should all still be aware of it and careful.

Because I have had all my Covid vaccines, I only had a cough and runny nose for a couple of days that I thought was due to the cold weather. I didn’t get a bad case of it because I am fully vaccinated so, using myself as an example, I would like to once again urge those who have not been vaccinated yet to do so. Don’t let your guard down like I did.

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