Today, first thing in the morning, I went to the laboratory to get the Covid19 antigen test. I had already spent a week in my house, only leaving on Saturday for a walk at the beach. I had to get back to work, I felt fine and I couldn’t spend one more week in my house doing nothing.

I hadn’t even been exercising, but I missed it. I hadn’t been exercising since before a went on vacation; I walked a lot during my vacation but last week I didn’t do anything, just went on one walk on Friday. I had to do something after work today, I had to get back to my routine of working out every day.

I usually like to workout first thing in the morning but since I didn’t have time between getting the test done and going to work, I had to settle for doing something after work. I didn’t want to do something too hard that would burn me out on the first day back, or do something too easy. The one I chose was a total body strength video. I thought this would be difficult enough to get a good workout but at the same time wouldn’t be too difficult on the legs or arms. I was right, it wasn’t too difficult on the arms, but it was tough on the legs.

I can’t complain because I didn’t want something easy but maybe something a little easier would have been nicer for my first day back.

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