Tired, really tired

I took a break from going to the gym for two weeks, it was only supposed to be one, for my vacation to Disney World, but it ended up being two weeks. My parents got sick the week before, I didn’t want to ask them to drive me there while they were sick, and I … Continue reading Tired, really tired


I can do this

We have another interview today. That's right we, because I'm not alone in this, all my friends, family and followers are in this with me, so we have an interview.  This interview is for an internship, and I am very nervous. Nervous because I really want it, nervous because I haven't done very well in … Continue reading I can do this

Icing on the cake

I am very happy to say I'm going on vacation for a week with my family tomorrow. If I wasn't excited already, I got a call today for an interview. This interview is for an internship in an Ad Agency. I applied earlier this week and I didn't think I would be called this fast, … Continue reading Icing on the cake

We’re growing

With the help of my friend Susie, who told me all the steps I should to start taking to make Unstoppable Maria even more unstoppable, I woke up early this morning with all the energy to begin doing this. I plan to take Unstoppable Maria, which began as a small blog on Word Press, to the … Continue reading We’re growing

I can do this

Last night I was having trouble concentrating because I was so happy I couldn't think about how to express my happiness. Today, even though I'm still very happy, I can concentrate more and I hope I can put this happiness into words. But I don’t just want to put it into words, I want to … Continue reading I can do this