Today, March 8 is International Women’s day. I read that today is a celebration of women’s achievements. While I would have celebrated all my achievements anyway if it was any other day, it is great that it turned out to be International Women’s Day. It seems very appropriate that these two great achievements would both fall on the same day, and today of all days.

First, today was my first day at my new new job/internship, and I’m glad to say it went really well. I got there early, which is always a good thing, at least that’s what I have been taught. Then, my new boss explained the projects she’s doing now and what she needs me to do. I spent the rest of the time doing research and reading articles online, which was the first task I was assigned.

I feel like I will enjoy these two days every week very much. I like this change in my routine, having something to do, going somewhere and seeing people, reading, dong research and writing. And there are some upcoming projects which sound very interesting.

Second, today is March 8th. Does anyone remember what I celebrate on the 8th of every month?

That’s right, one more month seizure free! Today, March 8, 2016, marks 11 months seizure free for me!

It made me nervous that today, on such an exiting day for me, I would have one because I also felt a lot of stress. I was nervous because it was my first day, and what if I didn’t impress my new boss, or do something wrong. But this didn’t happen. I was able to control all of my emotions and didn’t really feel stress at any time. It was a good first day, and I am very happy.

I’m getting good at this seizure free thing! One more month for the whole year.



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