A few hours ago I completed my 6th 5k in a little over three years. It was a great accomplishment for me, not only because it was the sixth, and I did it all by myself, but because I beat my personal record time. If I remember correctly my fastest time had been 50 or 55 minutes, but today I was hoping for something like 48, 45. I also didn’t want to fall, those were my two goals, less than 50 minutes and not falling.


I am very, very happy and proud to say that I completed both goals.

Goal 1: I didn’t fall.

Goal 2: I made it to the finish line in 43 minutes.

43 minutes!


When I was near the finish line I heard a voice on the microphone saying who was coming in and how long it took them to complete it. When I heard 41, I started running, and running fast, I was going to get there by 45, and I did.

I surprised myself, I didn’t think I could make myself run fast, I thought I can run fast on the treadmill because if I don’t Ill just fall of, but I can make myself run fast. I get tired and I can’t do it for a long time, but I can and I did.

Walgreens 5k Finish line, I made it!

I am really proud of myself and I just want to do better next time. 40 minutes, or at least 42.

Walgreens 5k medal


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