Two years and a half

I stopped my monthly count once I reached 2 years of being seizure free but today marks two and a half years seizure free and I think that deserves a recognition.  It's not just two years anymore, it's over two years and I am so proud of that. There have been challenges since April like … Continue reading Two years and a half


Burkina Faso: Get Ready

Tomorrow my cousin is going to Africa , where he will spend the next two years working with the Peace Corps. I want to wish Brian the absolute best and I don't know if I already told him but I want him to know how proud I am. This is a very good and brave … Continue reading Burkina Faso: Get Ready

Remember, please

These past few weeks I have been taking some tests to check how much I have improved through the year. I have taken these set of tests twice already since the accident, and I haven't really felt very good about my improvement this year. I felt like I wasn't doing well when it came to … Continue reading Remember, please

Personal record braking time in Walgreens 5k

A few hours ago I completed my 6th 5k in a little over three years. It was a great accomplishment for me, not only because it was the sixth, and I did it all by myself, but because I beat my personal record time. If I remember correctly my fastest time had been 50 or 55 … Continue reading Personal record braking time in Walgreens 5k


I woke up this morning with no intent of getting up. It's Friday, I don't really have anything important today. In my sleepy mind there was nothing special about this Friday, I hadn't been waiting for this day all week, all, 7 other days of this months, or for 12 months. But wait... I HAD! … Continue reading 1 year SEIZURE FREE!

What not to say to a brain injury survivor

I never know how to react to certain situations, or how to respond to things people tell me. But as I read in this article, 6 things you should never say to a brain injury survivor, people say the wrong things to a lot of brain injury survivors. This list includes most of those situations … Continue reading What not to say to a brain injury survivor

We’re going to NCAA Championship!

I have to congratulate Syracuse women's basketball team, who made it to the NCAA final game, after beating Washington 80 to 59 last night. They will play the championship game against UCONN on Tuesday to win the National title. I hope they win this, for Syracuse, but for women. The women's basketball team has never … Continue reading We’re going to NCAA Championship!

Merry Christmas/ Feliz Navidad

First, I want to take tonight's blog to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I hope you got to spend time with those friends and family that are near as well as those who are not; even if it was just via a phone call or text message. Wherever you are, I hope you all had … Continue reading Merry Christmas/ Feliz Navidad

Never say “I can’t “

I love being able to see my whole journey in these past years, through this app.  My favorite are the memories from these past three years.  They show me this journey, remind me of the struggles I have been through and I can see how I beat every one of them. These show how soon … Continue reading Never say “I can’t “