Tonight I had quite a scare. I was at a school activity with my parents and suddenly I felt dizzy, like something wasn’t right. I looked inside my purse for my anti-seizure medicine, the same medicine we had been fighting with the health insurance to let me have. I looked, my mother looked, it wasn’t there. 

Great,it’s about to be 8 pm, I’m feeling sick, and I don’t have my medicine. I bring it everywhere, even if I’ll be home before 8 pm, but the day I don’t feel right I forget. It’s the whole always using a different purse thing, but I have to, they don’t all go with everything.

So I sat down, my stepdad got me a cheeseburger and a bottle of water, I ate them, and everything was right with the world again. Turns out I was just hungry but I hadn’t realized it. It made no sense that I would be so hungry I would get dizzy because I had a big lunch, but that’s what happens when you don’t carry your anti-seizure medicine everywhere. You, your family, everyone gets scared, and that was not the place I wanted to have a seizure. I don’t want to have one anywhere, but if I did, I’d rather be in my house, not outside with a bunch of people, some of them children, their parents and my mom’s coworkers. I didn’t want to steal the spotlight of that perfectly safe and calm night. And of course, I didn’t want to put an end to my seizure free days.

So my lesson of the night, always carry any medicine you have to, or may need to take, anywhere you go. Check your purse, pockets, everything before you leave home so you don’t ruin your, or anyone else’s night or day.

*Update on the whereabouts of my medicine: I just found them.  in one of my many purses in my room, which means they haven’t been with me or left my house in days. 


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