It is May second, year 2016. Some people call it my second birthday, I sometimes do too, but today I call it the day. It is, or was, the day that changed me, and has defined the last… 4? Yes, that’s right, four years of my life. 

Four years that seem like much more. Like it was ages ago when I had to use a wheelchair,or was in therapy  and I sometimes even find myself thinking Get over it, it was so long ago, but it wasn’t, and I still can’t get over it . I can’t get over it or let go of what has made me stronger, and still challenges me everyday. I won’t forget this day, even though I don’t remember that day because it still keeps me strong and focused on what’s next. From my war with health insurance to my other war with epilepsy, from my struggles to get a job,  to the struggles to start studying again, I will keep fighting for as many years as it takes.

You, my reader, have been able to see my life through the past year, my first seizure free year in four years, have seen me get a job, work hard, and have fun. You are a true witness of my desire to live a full and fun life, and have not seen me give up. I get frustrated, but I don’t give up.

Thank you to my friends, family, followers, readers, #teamkiki. You  all mean so much to me.

I am so happy and lucky to be here today, four years later to share my story. I didn’t see me here today at this time four years ago, but nothing had happened yet. If I could say one thing to me four years ago, I would say stay home tonight, since I didn’t,  I want to say to my future self, and everybody else, look both ways before you cross the street.

May year 5 be as great and as seizure free as this one. Well, more if I can stay seizure free for the whole year.

Lets go 5!!!


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