More news

I was so happy about my new puppies yesterday that I forgot to mention something else. At about 3 p.m I got the news that the final grade for the class I just took was posted. I had almost forgotten that I was waiting for that, but one of my fellow group members sent us … Continue reading More news

Good mental health, solved computer problem

I resolved my computer issues today. I went to the store with the intention of looking at computers, looking for the one that best fit my interests, needs, and what I could or was willing to pay. I was scared I wouldn't find anything today, especially since I couldn't spend all day doing this, as … Continue reading Good mental health, solved computer problem

Good News Monday!

My first good news of today, one of my doctors told me he saw the lab results I sent him and he said they're great. I don't want to get ahead of myself because he really didn't say much more, but from his reaction I don't think there was anything wrong. Yay! Second, after I … Continue reading Good News Monday!

Big news for my neurologist 

Today I have an appointment with my neurologist, and I've been thinking all day how happy he's gonna be when I tell him that next week I'll be 12 months seizure free. Of course, by all day I mean since I woke up less than an hour ago. I know that after he asks how … Continue reading Big news for my neurologist