I have to keep going on about this because this is just a logical thing, don’t put guns in the hands of citizens, even if they’re law abiding citizens, or appear to be. You don’t know whose hands the gun is going to end up, or where the bullet will end up.

Republicans say carrying guns makes people safer, I just don’t see how carrying a weapon designed to kill makes anyone safer. To me it’s a no brainer, a gun is dangerous, especially in the hands of the wrong person. All these Republicans who don’t oppose to gun laws, what if the gun gets into the hands of a child? Why do you want to carry a gun around?

Their refusal of making these laws just makes me scared of Republicans, why do they love guns so much? What will they do with all these guns? Do they all have guns? Do they always have them? What if they get angry? Is that how they got most of the senate? Trying to defend their opinion they mention Paris and Brussels, where there are strict gun laws, but their arguments fall apart when you remember that in both of these attacks bombs were involved. Do they thinks it’s gonna be like a western movie? One guy comes in and pulls out a gun, then the other guy pulls out a gun, then they look at each other and wait until the other makes a move. In western movies innocent people die too.

They talk about background checks, but what good was the background check in Orlando? Do they really want to help people kill other people? They are just making the U.S. a very scary place to go.


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