I had just arrived at work this morning and I was reading an article about Uber in Puerto Rico; is it good, not good? Now suddenly the taxi drivers are good? I was hoping to get to the part where it made sense but then I felt dizzy. My head was spinning and that scared me. Why am I suddenly feeling dizzy, I thought. I was really tired from going to the gym yesterday , after not going for a week, but that was no reason to be dizzy. I had breakfast and had a Diet Coke after to wake up a little.

I thought it might be a seizure, that’s what I automatically think now when I don’t feel well, so I called Mami. I always call my mom when I feel something is wrong, she’s my emergency contact. She calmed me down saying that I have never been dizzy before a seizure, it had to be something else.

I ate the crackers I had in my purse, I put them in there once and never took them out. When I felt better I got some water and started to work.

It was weird and I don’t know why I felt dizzy, but my family said it’s been a long time since I felt that way, apparently that happened pretty frequently to me, but I don’t remember that. I guess it happens when I haven’t eaten well.

But all this brings me to another point, which I forgot to celebrate; I have been seizure free for a a year and 3 months since Friday!



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