I keep thinking it is already the end of February, I really don’t know why I keep speeding up time, but during the other 7 days of this month I have been thinking “oh god, I missed it, I forgot to celebrate one more month seizure free”. I didn’t miss it, it’s today and I don’t know what was my hurry, why I thought I missed it. Well, I do know, I have been looking forward to this for two years, but why now? Why this month?

Am I so close I just can’t wait until that day comes? I can’t wait to celebrate this and I can’t wait for April. It’s not like I will be cured, there is no cure for epilepsy yet, it just means there is less of chance of me having a seizure, but that is also true every day I don’t have a seizure. Every day that goes by that I don’t have a seizure is a successful day, no matter what I do.

I already made plans with a friend, I hope she didn’t forget (if she did this is my reminder), to celebrate by cooking lunch or dinner on that day or that weekend. I am really looking forward to cooking, like really being able to use the stove and oven without supervision. I want to make rice and beans.

That will hopefully happen in two months (fingers crossed), but for now I am celebrating  getting to 22 months seizure free!!!!!







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