Today I’m doing what I do most days, reading my old blog post that I see in my memories on Facebook or Timehop, but today I thought I should do more than share one of them. This post is from June 14, 2017, just two years ago that feel like a million.’t give up, believe in yourself

That was back then when I didn’t have a job, dogs, hadn’t taken one driving lesson and before hurricanes Irma and María. I was still trying to find a job but still positive, like I always am. I was just one year seizure free at the time but I knew that one year was just the beginning of many more. I knew I had to stay active even if it was just by going to the gym in the afternoon and I was tired just from being home all day looking for jobs.

I like seeing how positive I was at the time, even though I really wasn’t going anywhere then. I just kept my head up, hoping something good would come and trying to help others, even if it was just one person. That positive attitude- whether it was caused by all the therapy, medication, being surrounded by loved ones or just knowing what being in a dark place was and refusing to go back there- was the main thing helping me.

In that 2016 blog post, I was talking about a post from the previous year where I was encouraging others to get moving. As I read this I think about how I was able to keep myself moving and motivated to move because that was the only thing that got me out of the house and energized during the day. However now it’s more difficult because that last thing I want to do when I get home tired from work is exercise. I need to find a balance and working out first thing in the morning didn’t work out, I’m still trying Yoga, let’s see if I can make this work.


3 thoughts on “The best thing I did was to stay positive

  1. Kiki, muy bello lo que pones.sigue con esa actitud positiva,te quiero muchísimo ,Abuela.

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