I want to stay as informed as I can about epilepsy, living with epilepsy for five years now, but some of the information can be a little scary, sometimes true, but other times scary. 

I was just reading about the growing number of people with epilepsy (Number of People with Epilepsy in the United States at All-time High, CDC Reports) which, according to the Epilepsy Foundation, is at al all-time high in the United States right now with 3.4 million people. Of those 3.4 million, 470,000 are children. That’s a lot of people and way too many children having to live with this, facing seizures and living in fear of having seizures.

As I kept reading the article, it said that “People living with epilepsy face higher frequency of depression and other mood disorders, social isolation, challenges in school and with living independently, higher unemployment, limitations on driving, and higher risk of early death”.  Of all of challenges I currently face unemployment, limitations on driving and trouble living independently. I have worked on my mood and go to a psychiatrist and don’t have a mood disorder or depression, but I can understand all of problems, even the ones I’m not facing because some of these are caused by the others like mood disorders can lead to social isolation or vice versa. Also limitations in driving and lead to unemployment, I know because I have been searching for jobs and some require a drivers license or a car. Limitations in driving can also lead to challenges with living independently, but having uncontrolled seizure also means you can’t live alone.

I know it’s challenging because I’m facing it right now, I can’t find a job and part of it is that I may have some trouble with transportation because I can’t drive. I could get anywhere with Uber but I don’t know if I can say that on my job application. Not having a job means you don’t spend that much time with other people, which means you’re isolated and this can cause depression.

I really wasn’t thinking about the risk of early death but if they want to keep adding things to the list to make depression an even higher risk, keep adding.


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