I was reading a little bit about different kinds of seizures, trying to see if those episodes I have had could have been a seizure. It’s just for my curiosity because I will know after I get the results from my EEG on the 24th.

I thought it might have been an Absence Seizure, also called petit mal seizures, but people often don’t realize they are having a seizure because stop doing what they were doing just stare into space. This was not my case because I kept trying to talk and make the right words come out.

I also thought it could have been a Focal Onset Impaired Seizure, previously called Complex Partial Seizures, but the patient may not be completely aware of what is going on or have impaired awareness. They also might not be able to respond to others but, like in Absence Seizures, it may seem like they’re just daydreaming. This type of seizure was also not my case because I was aware and was able to respond when I was asked questions, like the names of the people who were with me and where I was.

The third one I read about was Focal Onset Aware Seizure which and according to the Epilepsy Foundation, it “may be more likely in people who have had a head injury, brain infection, stroke, or brain tumor”. As I kept reading it said that people can be “fully awake, alert, and able to recall events during the seizure”. This seizure does not go on for a long time, they say it’s usually less then two minutes.

Now this seems very, very familiar but the only thing that makes me think it might not be is comparing it to my auras before I had seizures. During those auras I kept thinking about the same thing and as much as I tried thinking about something else I just couldn’t do it, I couldn’t think about anything else. During these moments I have been able to search my brain for the words I’m looking for and quickly find them.

I don’t know if this means anything but I hope it does because I do not want to learn I have to stop saying I’m seizure free.




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