14 Things You Can Do Every Day To Protect Your Mental Health As You Age

It seems very appropriate to share this article today, tomorrow being the day that I am officially one ear older. I really like that they word it nicely and don’t say “as you get older”, but “as you age”.

You must be thinking, “what is this girl talking about? She still has her whole life ahead of her.” Well, that is true, but life kind of gets away from you after a TBI or any accident that serious. You don’t realize it, but six years go by in a flash and you don’t do all the things you had planned for life in your twenties and you end up spending a lot of time alone.

After reading this article I realized that even though I haven’t done what I had planned in my twenties, they haven’t been wasted either. I still learned a lot, especially about how to live life to the fullest, be thankful for everything you have and not to take friendship for granted.

I need to keep working hard, my twenties are not over yet but I can’t let them get away from me.


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