Traumatic Brain Injury survivors, like myself, have a lot of trouble controlling our emotions and recognizing, not only our own but others’ too. Medicine can help with controlling our emotions, but they can’t help us recognize them. I take an anti depressant but I still have to constantly ask people if they are kidding ( I am slowly starting to get jokes), angry or sad.  I get angry because I didn’t get that the comment was intended as a joke, not seriously. I feel great, but I still have trouble identifying the emotions of other people.

So when I read there is a new app that helps TBI survivors with both, regulating and recognizing emotions, I had to find out more. This blew my mind, that an app can help me recognize how I feel during those moments when I don’t know if I’m angry or sad and don’t even know why. It can also help you recognize emotions in other people so you know if they are angry, sad, insulted, etc. I don’t know if it can help me get when people are joking but that would be really cool too.

This was achieved by  Dawn M. Neumann. PhD, after years of research as an associate professor at Indiana University School of Medicine, which led to an app that is already available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

You have to check this out!

New app designed to help survivors of traumatic brain injury recognize and regulate emotions


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