This weekend I was finally trusted to spend two nights at home by myself. It wasn’t safe for me to stay alone before in case I had a seizure, but being over three years seizure free, I earned the trust to spend a weekend by myself.

I wasn’t alone, I had my dogs. I spent time with my family and my brother helped me walk my dogs; I still can’t handle walking both of them alone . They were very well behaved all weekend, except for the times they missed the other two members of our pack. They barely ate their food, which worried me but I think that had something to do with them missing people too. They knew something wasn’t right. However they were very happy when two surprise visitors came over, first my aunt and then my brother. They love them both because they always have fun when they see them. They both have backyards where they can run around all day and the love running.

My family, meaning my parents, aunt, brother, and grandparents were nervous as to me being home alone all weekend.  They worried about me remembering to take my medicine and remembering to lock the door, but I argued that I am capable of doing all of this, and I proved I am. I didn’t forget one medication and took them on time, ate every meal and even did laundry.

The only mistake which was not a big deal or my fault was  the partial death of the parking beeper, which I nagged my parents to leave at home. It wasn’t my fault it got damaged because I didn’t throw it or knock it down but, I did leave it sort of accessible to the girls, who knocked it down when I wasn’t paying attention. I didn’t even remember where I left it, but they found it, pushed it to the floor and the thing flew into four pieces.

I don’t blame them either because they didn’t know and the beeper was old, not in a very good condition or that it would break into four pieces. If I have to blame anything, I blame the beeper for being so old and sensitive.

Apart from that that, I survived my first weekend alone post TBI and epilepsy diagnosis! I did more than survive, I was able to take care of myself and two dogs. I even managed to give my dogs a bath, do laundry and sort of clean the apartment (I swept the floor).

I think I proved I’m ready to live in my own apartment soon, which is something I will be talking more about pretty soon because changes are coming this summer.


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2 thoughts on “Two days of independence

  1. The first steps to independence Maria, many congratulations 🎈🎉! Walking 2 dogs is not easy, I have 2 & they’re both large/strong. Never mind the parking item – it’s a ‘thing’ to be replaced if you want to, whereas your progress is immeasurable & only going to increase.
    Keep on pushing towards independence 💚💜👏🏼👏🏼

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