Last night I decided to do something I have been thinking about for a long time but I just couldn’t get myself to do: wake up earlier to work out. I didn’t think I would wake up, I have set the same goal before and haven’t heard the alarm, but I miraculously did it today! I’m so proud of myself!

I set this goal because I used to work out in the morning when I wasn’t working and woke up at eight am not tired from the day before. It helped me be productive the rest of the day and not just sit around all day. But my routine got messed up when I started working and tried to work out after I got home from work. Working out after work was fine for a couple of weeks, until I started coming home later, got hungry or was just tired.

I got home and just wanted to rest, got ready for dinner and tried to write a blog post, which became harder and I started writing less frequently. I sometimes have to make the decision to either workout or write and other times it’s neither. But I can’t keep that up, I can do it all, I mean, I am unstoppable.

So my plan is to wake up a little earlier and work out; today I woke up just 30 minutes earlier and I was able to workout for  only 15 minutes.  After such a short workout I felt more awake, with more energy to start the day and I was even able to write a blog post. Let’s see how this goes in the next couple of days, if I can wake up and do more than 15 minutes.

Maybe later I’ll start running again.


2 thoughts on “Good morning!

  1. Hey kiddo, first thanks for having the courage to share your ups as well as downs. I have the same issue, I love to run and workout and before my accident I did 2 full marathons and a half while working 6 days a week. Now I’ve currently just started again and after 3 days in a row I could not get up whatsoever!! We just have to accept that being exhausted and fatigued is our new norm. We’ll have to be happy with a quick workout and run even if it’s a few times week. Talk to you later Unstoppable!

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