I can finally say it, I am four years seizure free! Thanks mostly to my wonderful neurologist for finding the right medication, keeping me on it, Sonexus Health Pharmacy for helping me get the medicine, and everyone around me for making sure I have my medicine.

It’s just incredible, literally, I can’t believe I’ve made it for four years, through two hurricanes, driving lessons, moving to a new house and now working. I have been working for five months, sometimes working almost nine hours and nothing has happened. I haven’t even had any scares that one might come, no aura like feelings or anything like that.

Today I’ve been celebrating and thanks to everyone who has shown their support and shared my happiness and excitement on this anniversary. I wanted to do something special for dinner and after thinking about it for maybe more time than it should take to make such an easy decision, I finally ate the sushi I’ve been craving for over a month. Any reason to eat sushi is a good reason.


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