My birthday present, the Echo dot, finally arrived. It’s late because Amazon wouldn’t send it to Puerto Rico, but there are always ways around the whole not delivering to your area thing. It takes more time to have it delivered to a family member in the states and having them send it to you but it works and I got my Echo Dot.

It’s so cute! I still have to connect it to my iTunes so I can listen to my music when I want to without having to get my phone or computer, which is why I got it in the first place. The great thing is, it does a lot more like calling the contacts on your phone, tells you the weather and the answer to anything else you want to know.

I wanted the Bluetooth speakers to have music while I work out, without having to interrupt whatever I’m doing to change the music and the Echo Dot is perfect because I can just say “Alexa skip this song”. I just did yoga with my new yoga videos, my other birthday present, while I listened to music on Pandora and it sounds great. I love my Echo Dot!


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