Today I finished reading Becoming by Michelle Obama, and I have to say it deserves all the great reviews it got. I was curious about reading it but I honestly didn’t think it would be that interesting because well, I don’t like politics. What’s great about it is, she doesn’t talk about politics, it’s not about that. She wrote a fun book that lets us see who Michelle Robinson is before she was Michelle Obama and First Lady.

She does a great job describing everything about living in the White House, from talking about the people who work there and how she created friendships that still stand to describing how she escaped to celebrate the law that made same sex marriage legal.

From her descriptions of growing up in Chicago to meeting the Queen of England, we really get a sense of her humility throughout those eight years were all eyes were on her and her family. She is a great example for girls to follow and she wants to help girls get quality education, rights and everything else we deserve.

She is a great example for her daughters, young girls and us women still trying to find our way in this world of how perseverance and ambition can get us places we never imagined.


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