I never liked morning walks or mornings when I was young, but as I got older and things changed in my life I now like doing things like walking and exercising in the morning. So when my parents wanted me to go on a walk with them to Old San Juan I said yes. They used to do this all the time, I didn’t usually go on the weekend walks all the way to San Juan so I thought it was a short walk. Turns out that their walk at Paseo de la Princesa was a little longer than I thought and I quickly realized that I should have brought some water to drink. It was a beautiful morning, perfect for a walk around the outside of the old city but hot, even in February.

I don’t think I had ever been to the part outside the city walls where we walked today, I didn’t even know you could walk there, I thought that part was closed to the public but apparently a lot of people walk there.

Since it was new to me, I spent most of the walk taking pictures of the beautiful scenery. The water made me want to just jump in and swim, except I know it’s not safe to swim there, so I just took pictures.

The end of the path led us to the open field outside of El Morro Castle, where I have been a million times but I was still vey happy to be there. The view from up there is amazing, the ocean on one side, the old historic city on the other. Every time I’m there I can’t help but think how lucky I am to have grown up being able to visit and experience these places, which some people only hear about. How many people can say they go on Sunday morning walks in a place where the Spanish fought French, English and Dutch armies.

When we left San Juan, after walking for over two miles, we bought a spinning bicycle. I know we already have a treadmill but now everyone in my house likes the treadmill, so now I can choose wether I want to walk or use the bicycle. I already like either one because I just listen to music or watch an episode or two of a TV show and forget about everything.

I hope we can keep going on walks on weekends and maybe even some of our friends and family will feel motivated and join us.


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