Today was my third therapy session for that back pain, which has gotten better and hurts less than it did before.

I was really hoping it would be gone by Sunday so it wouldn’t bother at the Ricky Martin concert. Unfortunately it still bothered me and the seats at the coliseum didn’t help but Ricky Martin was onstage so I really didn’t care. He put on an amazing show and it was totally worth it, even with back pain. The uncomfortable seats didn’t make my back any worse, the just didn’t help, but I didn’t let that distract me.

The therapy helped to ease the pain, a lot . As the days went by while I didn’t do anything about it, it started hurting in more places. Now I just feel it sometimes in the place where it all started, near the back of my ribs. Hopefully soon that will stop too.

If I had only gotten help when it started bothering me I think this would have been taken care of with just one therapy session but because I let it go on for two weeks, I needed three days of therapy. I’ll know if I need more depending on how I feel tomorrow. I shouldn’t have ignored it from the beginning, I should have known better.

So remember to always take care of anything that hurts, ignoring just make it worse. Go to the doctor or therapist.


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