A couple of years ago I took a spinning class at the gym for a while. It was a lot of fun and a great workout but I hadn’t done spinning or been on an exercise bike since I stopped the gym. In fact, I haven’t even ridden a real bicycle in over ten years. Spinning is the nearest thing to riding a real bicycle I’m brave enough to do; any time I think about riding a real bike I just see myself falling. I don’t want to fall so I’d rather just use a spinning bicycle, where I’m safe.

When I got on the spinning bike yesterday I thought this was going to be just like class, that I’d know when to go faster and slower and when to stand up but I didn’t. That didn’t happen because it was up to me to decide the speed, intensity and whether I wanted to sit or stand and I really had no plan before I started. I realized all this when I had already started pedaling so I decided to just keep going and wing it.

I still feel like I got a workout even when I didn’t have a plan because I kind of already knew what to do from what I remember from those classes I took at the gym but I would have rather had it more planned out. It would have been better if I had a playlist too. The music you listen to helps you keep the pace, just like when you are walking or running. A more calm song is better for walking and an upbeat song is better for running. So here on an upbeat song you go fast and you can stand up.

There are spinning class videos on YouTube that I could watch to help me, which would feel more like I’m back in the class at the gym but I think the tablet or phone would fall from the bicycle. I still need to figure that out but I can look at those YouTube videos and make the playlist today while I rest.


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