I thought our Sunday walk would not be that long today because we walked with Indy and Sandy yesterday and it looked like it was going to rain today.

We first did the Paseo de la Princesa and El Morro walk, which seemed shorter today. Maybe it was because we had already done it, maybe we walked faster and maybe because I wasn’t acting like a tourist taking pictures during the entire walk.

But after we got to El Morro, Jose decided to go on a scenic route I didn’t know you could go down. We just walked down the hill, through the grass. I was just trying to avoid stepping on the ant hills. After we made our way back to the street, we stopped for piraguas before heading to the car.

Shortly after we left, we decided to change and go back to San Juan. We hadn’t really walked around the city, just outside. This time, my aunt also went with us and the four of us spent the whole day discovering new places in the beautiful old city. We found a new restaurant where I had mofongo filled with shrimp, then we found a place where they had ice cream popsicle of every flavor, even Oreo.

We walked and walked, and walked a little more but didn’t feel tired until we stopped. I could have kept looking around because that’s the thing about old San Juan, you always find something new and interesting, from restaurants and food to historical places. But once you stop and rest you don’t want to get back up.

I don’t know how I’m going to stand up from my couch, it’s so comfortable and I don’t think my legs want to move anymore today. But this was good because we got a very good walk without even planning it. Cam’t wait to do it again next weekend.



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