I have spent all day reading news on social media about the president and vice- president elect. It is such great news I can’t seem to keep my attention away from it after waiting for so many days. This is not the last of this, we still need to hear the final results of the elections here in Puerto Rico, but this is such a relief!

I couldn’t just sit and watch the news all day, even if they were good news and if I was tired. I already slept all morning and I needed to complete the last day of my six day workout. I departed myself from my phone and went on a bike ride in my living room for 45 minutes.

It was more than what I did yesterday. I was so tired yesterday I didn’t even feel like writing about it. I just walked for 16 minutes and did a video for 16 minutes. It wasn’t much but it was something.

After I finished that, I decided to start decorating my apartment for Christmas. I don’t usually decorate this early but we’ve had a tough year and I want to celebrate the Christmas season as long as I can and today seemed like a good day to start celebrating.

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