Even though Thursday is usually the hardest day of the week at work for me, I’ve completed my second week of running with my coworkers after work on a Thursday.

I thought it was going to be easier this week because I already knew what I was getting myself into and because I have been exercising at home. This didn’t happen and I think there were two reasons. First it was really hot outside today, making the parking lot under the building very hot. The second was two cars. These two cars were turned on but their owners were just having a very long conversation. The fact that the cars were on made me nervous. I tried not to go near them because I was afraid they would decide to move when I passed them and I did not want to take that chance. I being near moving cars is a risk I take when I’m running in a parking lot, even if almost everyone has gone home but when the cars that are still there are off I feel safe. I didn’t feel safe tonight because I didn’t know when the conversation would end and the two cars would move. What if they decided to leave when I was running past them. What if they didn’t see me? A lot of questions were going through my head making me not want to go near them. I wasn’t taking the risk of them moving when I was near so I stayed far from them for as long as I could.

I also did about three laps on the parking los upstairs which was empty and had some breeze. It did feel a easier running upstairs but running outside in the dark is not the safest thing. I wasn’t alone but we still went back inside pretty fast with the rest of our coworkers.

Even while today felt a lot more difficult because it was so hot, I got tired faster and I had an issue with those two cars, I was still motivated to run and finish the three miles. I did finish them, it took me a few more minutes than last week but I was still able to do it in less than an hour. The first mile was the easiest; that one took 15 minutes because I wasn’t tired yet. The last two were a lot more difficult but I still finished in less than an hour!

I’m ready to keep going next week!


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