Today I made a last minute decision and changed my exercise routine a little bit. I hope it will be for the better and I don’t change my mind halfway through.

After already warming up and spending over half an hour on the bicycle, I decided I didn’t want to just keep doing workout videos on YouTube, I wanted to do the Focus T-25 videos again. I already completed both routines in this program once and started but quit a second time. This time I don’t plan on quitting.

The videos I was doing on YouTube are nothing compared to these. I was scared because, even while I have already done this and each workout is only 25 minutes long, it’s still a lot more intense than what I have been doing on YouTube.

But I finished day one, Cardio, which isn’t that bad. I also walked on the treadmill a little bit after to cool down and complete the 10,000 steps of the day. It was just a short walk, I didn’t want to overdo it.

This time I want to finish both routines again. If I did it once, I can do it again.


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