I have decided to start taking classes again. I know that I need something more than a bachelors in writing to get a a job in a field that interests me. I thought about aiming for a masters but it’s expensive and takes two years. I don’t need more debt, I already have enough of that and a certificate faster. I can’t wait two more years to try to get a job doing something I love.

That’s why I’m getting certified in things that interest me and that will be useful. For example, I just signed up for a certification in Social Media Marketing. This will be useful to continue improving my blog and hopefully help me get a job in this field. Once I finish this, I can go on to another certification.

I think this will be a fun experience because it’s online so I will be able to do it in my own time from the comfort of my house. A lot of colleges offer different certifications so I can look and see what I find and I’m not obligated to take a bunch of core classes I don’t care about and get the skills necessary for a job that interests me.

In addition to looking for certifications this week, I have not forgotten to keep exercising. I have still been keeping this up, getting ready for tomorrow and the rest of the holiday season.


2 thoughts on “Certifications to get the job I want

  1. Heya! I’m used to be a copywriter and a marketer, and currently write for a living. Just thought I’d drop a message to tell you that you can go to some pretty interesting places without needing formal qualifications.

    After all, the only qualification I had before become a writer was six years of hairdressing experience. I didn’t even finish high school.

    But if you already have a road map to your goals, then I’m all for it. Just don’t let certifications weigh you down, because they can be an unnecessary cost sometimes.

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