I hope you got to enjoy the weirder that usual Thanksgiving, and got to see at least some of your loved ones with safety precautions or on Zoom, WhatsApp, FaceTime or some other video calling app.

After eating a slightly larger than usual lunch yesterday, I decided that even though it was a holiday, I had to keep to my daily routine of exercising. I didn’t actually stick to the routine because I just did one video and walked for ten minutes but as long as I did something and didn’t miss a day of the T25 routine, I think I’m good.

But today I paid my price for taking it easy yesterday, because today is Friday and I felt bad about yesterday so wanted to do my usual routine of cycling, video and walking after. I don’t think I usually do this much on Friday because I do two videos but this week was a different story. Besides I didn’t work today or any other day since Monday.

I did get to divide the workout because after the warmup on the bicycle I went to run an errand so I got a long rest. I thought that might make me not want to finish but I knew I had to so I got right back to it when I got home and did those two videos for today.

Even after today’s long workout, I do not regret everything I ate yesterday, it was all worth it.


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