I was longing to have a weekend at the beach, I mean, it’s almost July and I don’t think this is the first time I go to the beach this summer. I really wanted to rest and get away for at least a day, so thanks to my cousin and his girlfriend for visiting and giving us an excuse to get away for the weekend.

This was also a great reward for finishing two months of Insanity Max:30- Max Out. It after that well deserved weeks, I got right back to it today by starting Insanity Max:30- Ab Maximizer . In this se Obed part of the program you do the same videos as the first two months but you add a second Ab videos a few times a week, except for the first week. This week I only have to do the regular 30 minute videos, no additional ab videos.

Going back an doing the month one videos felt really good because now I felt comfortable following the regular moves, not the modification, on some parts on the video. But, I know it won’t always feel this easy, this was only the first day. I don’t know how I will feel after I’ve done some of the old videos as well as the new additional videos on the same day. It’s going to be like Double Fridays except multiple times a week.

If I already did 60 days, I think I can do 60 more. I already did the first one so only 59 to go.


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