Today’s workout was very weird. It was difficult to concentrate on what I had to to because I was trying to listen to my phone at the same time. I had it on speaker as I did the PiYo video because I was on hold with my health insurance provider and I had to pay attention if someone talked to me.

It wasn’t an emergency, I was trying to change my coverage to a plan that can help me get coverage for my epilepsy medication, Vimpat, from the pharmaceutical company. I was on hold for ever two hours until I hung up. It was frustrating but hopefully tomorrow I’ll have better luck. Maybe I can get some help if I call early in the morning.

At least the PiYo videos didn’t involve very fast movements or anything that I had to pay too much attention to so I didn’t fall behind as I tried to listen to two things at once. I think a more intense video would have made it pretty difficult to concentrate on either the phone or the video. I’m also glad I was able to do something while I was on hold instead of wasting two hours sitting, waiting for someone to help me. It also helped keep me calm and not get angry or too annoyed after being on hold for so long.

This is my second week of PiYo, since I started over and I think it’s going pretty well. Last week I even started to use the bicycle and treadmill before and after the video a couple of times. I even ran for a few minutes. I was impressed because I hadn’t run in a long time but that motivated me to keep running for a few minutes, at least once or twice a week, at least to start.


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