It’s three days into the new year and today I felt the need to begin my current workout program from the beginning. I haven’t been doing this one for so long but I was having trouble following the daily calendar for the program. At first I thought I was doing fine but then I lost track of the days. Then today I realized I had been looking at it wrong. For some reason I didn’t pay attention to what was written in the calendar and I thought we had to followed it vertically, not horizontally.

Once I realized that the days of the week are written on top of the calendar so we can follow them and the numbers on the left side of the calendar were the number of weeks, not days, it made a lot more sense. So now that I have that clear I decided to start the program from the beginning again.

It’s a weird because it’s not an intense routine but keeping your balance is very hard. It may look easy compared to other programs I’ve done, but it’s not, it takes a lot of strength. I have the strength and flexibility to do some of the exercises, but still have to moderate some. I know that that is all due to completing the Insanity workout.

Now that I have been talking about the programs I have done before, it got me thinking about a blog post last year, Can’t quit, won’t quit, where I said I would write every day after my workout to keep me motivated. I try writing about it as much as I can, to motivate myself and others, but while doing this I have created a habit of always posting my workouts on Instagram too. So even if I don’t write anything about my workout because it’s getting to repetitive or I just didn’t have time, I always post something on social media.

I have already been doing this for over a year; I’m confident that I can keep this up and continue to post and stay active in 2022.


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