These past few weeks I have been taking some tests to check how much I have improved through the year. I have taken these set of tests twice already since the accident, and I haven’t really felt very good about my improvement this year. I felt like I wasn’t doing well when it came to memory, at least short term memory. So I thought I was doing a horrible job, and I wasn’t feeling good about that.

However today, as I did the final part of these, I was really struggling to remember some words she asked me to remember. I wanted to give her all the answers, she saw that, and she told me to relax, I was doing really well so I didn’t have to worry.

good job

I don’t know if she told me that so we could move on and get to the next part, or if it was true.  If it was true, and I hope it was, that just shows me that I can keep improving, and I can get my short term memory to work again. It was great hearing that, and it gave me some hope. This changed how insecure I was about this, but I’m always insecure when it come to tests or getting result from anything.

Come on short term memory!

be strong









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