I really didn’t keep track of my seizures, my mother did, she shared that information with my neurologist, and that’s about all the knowledge I had about my seizures. As I mentioned before, during my countdown for one year seizure free, I know the date and approximate time because of a text to my friends, but I never thought to write it down anywhere. There wasn’t any calendar for this sort of thing, or so I thought, before I read this:

My Epilepsy Diary

When I saw it I thought, what a great idea! Bu really it already existed, it was called My Epilepsy Diary,  which has now been improved and become My Seizure Diary. 

This is such a great tool for patients with epilepsy. This app allows users to keep track of seizures, medicines, and doctor’s appointments. I already have an alarm on my phone to take my medicine, but I will now move my alarm to this app, which I already downloaded and started using. It allows you to describe the seizure through a number of questions, some of which I’ll need help answering, but I will start right away.


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