Everything was going great since we resolved the mess with the Health insurance, or I thought we solved it; but noooo, they want to mess with me again. This time it’s not really an emergency because it’s just Ritalin, but come on, do they want to keep messing with the TBI patient?

Now they say Ritalin has an age limit but: 

A- I have been taking Ritalin for over two years and they never had a problem.

B- My DOCTOR prescribed it!

C- I have a lot of trouble concentrating after my TBI. 

Kids aren’t the only one’s who need Ritalin. This is just stupid. The more they keep stressing me out, the bigger the chances of me having a seizure, and I am very close to saying their name so people know about their horrible costumer service. 

It is not easy being a TBI survivor who got epilepsy and trouble with memory, and has frequent doctors appointments. They already made my life more complicated by not approving one of my two very, VERY important medicines; but now they won’t approve Ritalin? Now they say I’m too old to take Ritalin, but I’m the same age I was last time the wild it to us, and why would my doctor prescribe it if I’m too old to have it? 

I didn’t find one reason in the Drug List booklet they gave me at their office, that says they only cover a certain age. We did exactly as they told us and our doctor specified my previous use of Ritalin, but still we were forced to pay the full price of Ritalin, while still paying a lot of money for health insurance. 

How many blog posts will I have to dedicate to complaining about the injustices of the health insurance business?


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