My electroencephalogram was removed today. This process, just like gluing it to my head yesterday, didn’t hurt one bit but it was a lot faster. 

I’m not sure what the technician put on my hair to make it all come out, but my head was really sticky, like I had way too much hair gel. I knew that would happen because I saw a girl after she had hers removed yesterday and her hair was just like I described. There were two boys getting the EEG removed today too but they had really short hair so I doubt they would have the same mess as I did.

Then the mess got bigger when I washed my hair, I kept seeing glue like stuff coming out of my hair. It was a mess and I didn’t understand until just now when I read that you are not supposed to use anything on your hair before the EEG. I used hair mousse, like I usually do.

This was my second EEG that I can remember, according to my family I had a lot others while I was in the hospital five years ago. How is it possible that I find out about that now? I read all the rules about things you can’t do during an EEG, but it didn’t say what you can’t do before.

I hope the other people who had it done yesterday were smarter than me and didn’t put anything in their hair.

Apart from the mess after I got the electrodes out, it really wasn’t that bad and it went by in a flash. Now I hope my doctor finds everything ok and I don’t have to do that again.



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