Like I said yesterday, today I was getting an EEG. I had 24 electrodes glued and taped to my head. These are all connected to a recorder that I’m have to carry around like a purse, except it’s not really that cute. Each of the cables from the electrodes is a different color and that’s actually pretty cool. 

I have to be very careful that my dogs don’t pull on the cables and ruin the whole thing. They already seemed pretty excited by all the stuff hanging from my head so now I sadly have to stay away from them until tomorrow. Apart from that and not showering I can pretty much go about my day as I usually do. To my great surprise I am allowed to use electronics while I have the EEG on as long as nothing is plugged in or charging. 

It’s not going to be that bad and I only have like 18 hours to go. 


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