Today, International Epilepsy Day, I had my first appointment of 2018 with my neurologist. Epilepsy Day is celebrated on the second Monday of February to celebrate the strength of those affected by epilepsy and raise awareness.

Apart from talking about the blackout we had last night where about six towns lost power because of an explosion and a fire in one of the  Electricity Company’s distribution centers, plus being interrupted by another quick power outage while we were there, the appointment was very quick. There really wasn’t much to mention apart from the quick episode I had in the car in Boston on Christmas night while on our way to the airport. I didn’t remember this but apparently I got confused about what was going on but I remember being very stressed out because we took a long route around the city to the airport. There had been snow that day and I didn’t think we would make it.

I have these episodes when there is a lot going on or I’m feeling stressed so this can happen anytime. The neurologist told me to let him know immediately if that happens again because he can still increase my dose of Vimpat a little bit more to 200 mg. I wouldn’t like to increase my dose but maybe they will have to if I keep having these moments which feel like absence seizures. The doctor didn’t say that they were but he did mention increasing my dose so they could be. Apart from that  everything is fine and I was able to stay calm even through the black out last night which I was not expecting.

Apart from telling me to let him know if anything else happens, he was very happy that I haven’t had any seizures  and he was happy that I told him I took my first driving lesson.

International Epilepsy Day



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