Every year, on October 31 I come around this great memory.

This was one of my proudest days during rehabilitation. I had been working hard for months I was still not able do do anything by myself, when after six months, I was able to stand. That’s it, standing, which now I take for granted but back then that meant the world to me. I wanted to let everybody know that I could stand by myself, without anybody’s help. I couldn’t walk, but if I could stand, I knew walking would be the next step.

If I remember correctly, I wan’t able to stand for too long, my legs weren’t that strong at that time but it meant the world to me and I felt like I could do anything after that. I wasn’t alone in feeling that way, if it wasn’t for the constant support and encouragement from everyone around me, I wouldn’t have gone on to take those first steps and keep walking and running.

That support from those around you, be it family, friends or friends of friends, will always help you find your way and you never know when one of those, friends of friends or family will pop up later in the most unexpected way and help change your life in a positive way. Everything happens for a reason and everyone you meet is there for a reason too.


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