After finding this in a Brain Injury page on Facebook, I knew I had to share it. I want to share this for all my fellow survivors, those who are just beginning to live their new lives as survivors and for the veteran survivors.

I want this to be a reminder that you are not alone in this, there are millions of us fighting the same battle. It’s a long journey ahead, but it gets easier every day. Now it seems like you lost everything, but hang in there, there are new things coming your way. You will meet great people you wouldn’t have met otherwise and experiences you wouldn’t have gotten.

It won’t always be dark, but cry when you have to cry, we all did. I think I ran out of tears after my brain injury. We are all angry and sad at first, I know I was, but don’t let that stop you, keep fighting. You will get tired and frustrated, but don’t give up because you can achieve great things.

Everyday you get up and go to therapy, go to the doctor, are with family or friends is a step forward and you are one step closer to getting better.

I didn’t think I’d walk and now I run. I didn’t think I’d write and now I have two blogs. I didn’t think I’d be able to work and I have a job. I didn’t think I’d be able to cook again and I have my own kitchen.

I’m not 100% my old self, but they new me it very happy with my achievements. There are so many survivors with so many amazing stories. We are all unstoppable.

If you are a survivor, leave a comment below and share your story.





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