I never really understood the love and popularity of Yoga but since I got a set of Yoga videos for my birthday, I’ve been doing Yoga after work. Now I really don’t know how I feel about it.

On one side, I like the fact that I can still work out when I’m tired because it’s not like other workout videos where there are a lot of quick movements but I’m still exercising. I feel that I worked out afterwards, and you actually sweat doing those slow and steady movements because holding your body in not so normal or comfortable poses is really hard. I guess that’s why we don’t normally move that way.

But, like everything in life, it has a couple of bad things too. The first one, being the reason I had never really loved this, is that I don’t get relaxed. How can people relax by doing all those difficult movements? Also, there are too many instructions: inhale, stretch your leg to warrior pose, point your toes down and lift your ankle, put your hands on the floor, now stretch your arm up, exhale, now put your hands down and stretch your legs to downward dog, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale…

I can’t keep inhaling and exhaling when they decide I need to inhale and exhale, sometimes they take too long and I need to breathe to be able to do everything they’re asking me to do, but I try. There are some poses that I just can’t do; I’ve realized that I can’t hold downward dog for too long because all my blood goes to my head and I have to stand up. And there are some instructions I just don’t understand, I mean, I’m just sitting crossed leg but then they’re saying a lot of things about my hips, ribs, stomach and back that I think they’re telling me to move somewhere but I can’t move them anywhere.

Like I said, I do the best I can with all the instructions thrown at me, because that’s one thing I still can’t do, handle too many instructions at one. And not being able to keep up with all of the instructions does not help me relax. It’s weird but doing routines with quick movement and more energy seem easier for me, even if they are exhausting. But Yoga is good after a long day at work so I’m gonna keep trying and doing what I can; maybe I just need time and at some point I’ll start getting it and maybe I’ll even be able to relax.

2 thoughts on “Trying Yoga

  1. Kiki:
    Yoga is great. Try different kinds. There are so many different variations. Jose had a book with many of the poses. Once we went to yoga together many moons ago. There are a ton of free yoga classes on line. You will get the hang of it! Excellent to hear you are trying it. I am going to yoga class myself at 8:45 PM!!

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    1. I can do some of the poses but I don’t have that much balance so it can get a little difficult. I can’t imagine the two doing yoga together, I would have liked to see that. 😂 But I haven’t been doing it for long so maybe I just skipped ahead to the more difficult videos too fast.


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