Today has been seven years since the day I officially woke up from the coma, the first day I showed any sign of acknowledging the people around me. I don’t remember any of this but I was also probably thinking what is going’s on? Where am I?

I think all I could do was look at people but that was a first, the first thing I did, the first of many firsts after that. Even if it was just the tiniest thing like looking at people, everyone noticed and gave them hope.

I think that was the first day of a new beginning for me, even if I can’t remember it. From that moment on I began to attempt to remember things and understand what happened, which led to beginning to fight to get better.

This was the day my new life began, not only for me but for my mom and stepdad who got married that day in the hospital. Maybe there was a reason I woke up the day of the wedding, maybe it was just random but I like to think I woke up because I was happy.

Congratulations Mami and Jose, I love you both!


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