I’ve had a pretty busy couple of weeks for different reasons and in addition to that it’s been very, very hot here in Puerto Rico, like you’re still sweating while the air conditioner is on. Today I think I reached my limit and I started working out, doing the same video I have been doing for half an hour every day. Even though it was very hot, I decided to keep going doing all the workouts on the video which took an hour.

It may not make any sense considering how tired I was and how hot it was but I just couldn’t stop. I needed to be distracted and not think about how angry I was about something that had happened hours earlier. Something that, no matter how hard I push myself to do every day and always do, no matter how tired I am, I was criticized today for not doing.

I was angry for being treated like a lazy person when I am not. I will not be criticized for not completing one task when I always do. I won’t rely on my disability as an excuse because I don’t have to make an excuse. I work hard, maybe harder than I should so I don’t have to say I have a disability, so nobody says it’s because of my past. Maybe I don’t finish something in time, but that doesn’t mean I won’t or I have to be told the same thing 10 times. I’m unstoppable.


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