A year ago today I finished all ten weeks of Focus-T25 and I was so proud of myself. I spent a whole year thinking about doing it all over again but always gave up on the idea, until today. When I saw that it had already been a year, I just thought what are you waiting for? My excuse was always I’m too tired, but if I don’t start now I never will. It’s not like I’ve been lazy, I have been doing other videos so I guess I’m ready to start again.

I started regretting my decision quickly after I started because it is so hot today. Well, not just today, everyday feels like being inside an oven and that oven is turned on. It wasn’t that bad last year because I worked out first thing in the morning, now I’m going to do it after work which is going to make it more difficult. I know I’m going to try to make excuses every day but I’m going to push myself and not listen to those excuses.

I’m unstoppable, the only thing I have to stop is making those excuses. If I did it last year while we were fixing my apartment I can do it again after work.

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